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My Terms of Service

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Last Updated: 5/10/2022

1DynamicDesign (TonyasDynamicDesigns)

Terms of Service and Sale Contract

By submitting your electronic/credit card payment,
you agree to abide by these terms.


1DynamicDesign and TonyasDynamicDesigns is a USA based Website Design,

Print Design, Website Promotion, SEO, and Digital Marketing Agency.

Thank you very much for choosing TonyasDynamicDesigns for your website project.

My main office is located in Bluefield, WV, USA (Eastern Standard Time).

I am closed on the weekends and also on national holidays, however
you are welcome to call, email, or text me 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
Please leave me a message if there is no answer and I will return your call.


Mailing Address:
Tonya Becker
105 Meadowlane Loop, Suite 17
Bluefield, West Virginia 24701
Telephone: 304-308-4051


I spend a lot of time on your project from start to finish. It is very important

that you understand the process and are able to provide answers in your

design questionnaire and feedback to your design that you will be provided

during the design process.


***Here is What You Can Expect with Your Website Design Project***


Design Questionnaire:
At the beginning of your project, I will be emailing or texting you a small design questionnaire to fill out and email back to me. Incomplete or vague answers can add days or weeks, and possibly additional charges, to your design process. If you have any questions while filling out the design questionnaire, please feel free to contact me and I will be very happy to help you.


Logo Design:

Every website design package includes a custom logo design at no extra charge
or I can use your current logo design in your project.

If you have purchased an original logo design, up to 3 logo design mock-ups will be created for your website for you to review, based on your questionnaire answers.
I will revise your logo design within reason until you are 100% satisfied!


Installation and Testing:
Once I have received your cleared payment, completed design questionnaire, log in, and password information, if applicable, and your completed Home Page Design,
I will begin the installation and testing process.

I will create your other website pages that will match in color and layout to your Home Page. This typically takes several days to complete. Once this step has begun, it is very difficult for me to make additional changes to the colors, images, or design layout of your website pages. If you need additional changes to the final approval,

an additional charge will be assessed based on my hourly rate.


Website Review:
After all of your website pages are installed, please take the time to review all the design, text, and links, and send me any modifications that need to be made within

7 days or less. There is no fee for text or link changes within this review period.


Changes made after the 7 day review period, or changes requested to the graphics or layout of the design after installation, will be assessed an additional charge based on

my hourly rate.


Sales and Listings:
I strive to make your design installation process as easy as possible for you and me. During installation, your product inventory will not be affected. Your website listings
in your "Shop" will still appear as available and sales may still be processed while
I am designing your website.

Website Search Engine Optimization: 
I implement search engine optimization (SEO) with every website design package

that I create for my clients, free of charge. This includes website optimization, compression of all images, alt tags, meta tags, title tags, and text links.

Completion Times:
The designing of all graphics and website pages take a lot of time and expertise.

Time frames for completion will vary based on how many website pages that your
website has and also based on how many images that I have to edit for your design.

Average completion depends on how fast that I get your design questionnaire

and the images edited for your custom website design. It is imperative that you

get your design questionnaire to me as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Approximate Date of Delivery:
Your Home Page and entire website layout should be completed within approximately 3 to 5 business days or less from the date that I have received your design questionnaire and images for your design.


If you like your Home Page Design and website layout, I will proceed to complete your design. I will give you at least 1 update on your project via text or email.

If you request a revision to your design, an additional 1-3 business days may be added to your estimated completion date. You will be given an update on your project at least 1 time per week via email on the progress of your project.

A website that is over 50-100 pages may take approximately 1-3 months to complete.
Please allow us extra time to complete your website if you have 50-100 pages.

Installation Notes:
Please allow adequate time for the entire project process.
Please note that I am not responsible for the management of your website, including: shop category setup, inventory listing or editing, terms of service or privacy page content, or other website management. This is the responsibility of your website administrator. If you need any of these additional services, please
contact me for a FREE Price Quote.


Optional Services:

There are optional services that you can add to your order for an additional fee.
(i.e., Website Marketing Packages, Print Designs, Items Listed, SEO, etc.)
These services are available in my "Shop". Please note that ordering additional
services such as website marketing, seo, print designs, etc. will add additional
time to get your entire project completed.


I will start on your other projects once your website design is completed or if you

have a specific deadline that needs to be met for another project, I will work with your

deadline by stopping one project to start on the project that you need completed first.

Design Files:
You can access your design files on your Hosting Account where your images are stored. There you can download your images to save on your computer if you like.


Backup Files:
I strongly recommend that you make a backup copy of all files associated with your

new design, in the event of an error, hosting account failure, software glitch, etc.

I will also maintain a back-up copy of your files for up to 5 years in our digital archives.

Should you require a reinstallation of your design for any reason, please contact us

and we will provide you with a quote and estimated completion time.


Instructional How-To:
I will provide you with general information regarding your website once your design

is complete. I do not provide advanced training in HTML, SEO, Optimization,

or other technical or marketing skills.


If you would like to have one-on-one consulting or training in any of these areas,
you can purchase a one-on-one telephone training with me personally for an
additional fee per hour.


Additional Terms of Sale:
The following additional terms apply to all design projects
contracted with 1DynamicDesign and TonyasDynamicDesigns


Your Copyright:
We will include a copyright text line at the bottom of your website to protect your content as well as our design. Your logo design, product images, website layout,

and text information are your property and protected by your copyright.


However, the copyright for the design layout of your custom website design is retained by 1DynamicDesign and TonyasDynamicDesigns. This means you are not permitted

to move, re-use, or sell your design, in full or in part, to another website URL or to another party. You can also trust that I will never re-use or resell your custom design

to another client.


1DynamicDesign and TonyasDynamicDesigns Copyright:
I will also include my third-party URL link back to my website. My website link

will "open in a new window" that way your customers will stay on your website.

It is required that you leave this URL link intact on your website. If you request

removal of my credit link from your website, you will be charged a fee of $250.

Removal or modification of my credit link without my written permission is a

violation of my terms of service.


Payment Terms and Refunds Policy:
All of the work that I do is custom and requires a high level of technical skill.
I put many hours into research and design for every client's project. 

You are paying for my time to create a custom design for you.
Refunds are not given within 5 days of payment due to the
time that has already been invested into your project.

The entire cost of your project is required upfront, unless payments arrangements have been made. Should you choose to cancel the project prior to completion/installation, you may request a partial refund of your payment, less the amount of the labor hours already invested in the research, design, coding, seo, and/or marketing of your project at the time of your cancellation request.


All refunds are on a case-by-case-basis only

and are never guaranteed.

About Website Technical Issues:
In Web Design, technical issues can arise. Please let us know immediately
at the time the issue is found and we will investigate it for you.
Sometimes a technical issue can only be fixed by the Hosting Company.
(i.e., Wix, GoDaddy, Yahoo Stores, Shopify, WordPress, SquareSpace, Weebly, etc.,)

If a technical issue arises that we can not fix on our end, we will

submit a tech ticket to the Hosting Company to have the issue fixed.

Refunds are not given due to a technical issue as this is not a design issue.
Please allow enough time to get the technical issue fixed.
We will keep you updated via email or text.

Some technical issues may require an additional fee
to correct in order to pay for our time to fix it.

Every technical issue varies on how long it will take to fix.
Some tech issues can only be fixed by the Hosting Company.

***Please note that your electronic/credit card payment
indicates your acceptance of the above terms of sale.***

Contacting Tonya and Getting Additional Website Support:

If you have any questions that are not covered above or need my
personal assistance, please let me know and I will be very happy to help you.


Thank you very much for choosing 1DynamicDesign

and TonyasDynamicDesigns for your website project.

My main office is located in Bluefield, WV, USA (Eastern Standard Time).
I am closed on the weekends and also on national holidays, however
you are welcome to call, email, or text me.

My Business Hours:
9am to 9pm EST (Mon-Sun)

Please leave me a message if there
is no answer and I will return your call.
Texting is the fastest way to reach me.


Mailing Address:
Tonya Becker
105 Meadowlane Loop
Bluefield, West Virginia 24701
Telephone: 304-308-4051

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