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Below is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about eBay that I have received over the years.

  • How long does it take for you to complete my project?
    For basic projects, it will take approximately 1 week or less for me to complete your project. For more complex projects, it will take approximately 2 weeks or less.
  • Where can I get FREE Stock Photos for you to use on my designs?
    Stock Photos are an excellent way to have a professional looking website! I have a lot of stock images that I can use for your project. *PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on buying your own stock image for your design, please send me a link to the image (s) before you buy any images that way I can see if the image will work for your design or not. *PLEASE NOTE: When downloading stock photos, please use a very wide image. I prefer the Large (L) size. It is the perfect width for computer screens. Below is a list of Stock Websites that I highly recommend: Adobe Stock Dreamstime Shutter Stock Unsplash Pexels (FREE Images) Pixabay (FREE Images) Below is a list of stock images that I have saved into my collections for my clients to use. If you can't decide on an image to use on your design, I highly recommend that you use a model, a sunset, the ocean, mountains, generic mall / store front, city skyline, or a swirly banner. There is a small fee to use images from iStockPhoto. Ocean, Lake, and Sunsets Nature, Flowers, and Mountains City Skyline Swirls, Florals, and Banners Women Models Makeup Models Swimsuit Models Men Models Men's Suits and Ties Family Models Children Dogs Wild Animals Birds Cute Cartoon Illustrations Generic Mall / Storefronts Clothing Electronics Perfume Jewelry Artwork and Abstracts Antiques Weddings Music Themes Shoes, Boots, and High Heels Movies Shopping Bags Food and Restaurants Spa and Relaxation Flowers Books Home Decor US Coins and American Flag Video Games Music Themes USA States Sports and Health Automobiles Antique Cars Motorcycles Christianity Hospital and Doctors Cool Videos that I can use as a background backdrop for your main logo banner at the top of your website
  • Can you custom design a logo for my site and also for my Social Media Websites?
    Yes I can! All of my design packages already come with a custom logo design or I can use your current logo on your designs. That is up to you. There is a small fee per Social Media Design that I make for each site because every site uses different banner sizes. Please see my SHOP or contact me for a FREE Price Quote!
  • Can you custom design a website for me outside of eBay?
    Yes, I can! I can custom design a website for you outside of eBay which will also help you to increase your sales than just by selling on eBay. Having a website outside of eBay will get you listed on Google and more people will get access to your products meaning more sales for you! Simply contact me for a FREE Price Quote or check out my SHOP.
  • Can you market my site in order to increase my sales and visitors?
    There are several ways that I can market your site such as the following: Social Media Marketing Blog Writing about your site and the products that you sell Search engines LOVE new content and I can create new content for your eBay Store! Please see my SHOP or contact me TODAY for a FREE Price Quote.
  • Do you do (SEO) Search Engine Optimization?
    Yes I sure do! I do SEO with all of my custom design packages. However, if your site was made by someone else, I can do SEO on all of your pages. I can optimize all of your pages by doing the following: Adding rich keyword content to your site where your visitors will see the content that is written Adding rich keywords to the internal pages of your site for the search engines Please see my SHOP or contact me TODAY for a FREE Price Quote!
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    I use Stripe and PayPal for a secure checkout process. I accept all credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, personal checks, and cash. *PLEASE NOTE: If paying by personal checks, I will not be able to start on your project until after your check has cleared the bank.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed! I will make sure that you are 100% Satisfied! I have been custom designing, marketing, and critiquing sites since 2006! Please check out my Design Portfolio and 100% Positive Feedback on my HOME PAGE to see exactly how happy all of my past clients are from all over the world! Due to the nature of the sale, all sales are final. You are paying for my time, customization, and expertise to complete a custom project for you. *PLEASE NOTE: If you cancel within 1 hour of ordering, then a refund can be given. You will need to contact me via email to make a cancellation request.

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I am a Certified eBay Store Designer and SEO Expert

with over 15 years of design, marketing, and seo experience.

You can check out my eBay Store Design Portfolio

and also my SEO Portfolio to see how I can help you to

look very professional and get Top Google Search Engine Results!

You are welcome to contact me for a FREE Price Quote or
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